Generation-Y Sucks – Jason Calacanis (This Week In Startups)

If you haven’t heard of This Week in Startups yet, you’re missing out. Jason Calacanis) has one of the best and most inspirational podcasts for anyone looking to start up a company. He is a well-known blogger that started up and eventually sold Weblogs, Inc. for $30 million. He has most recently founded, a human-based search engine.

His message in one of his recent podcasts (shown above at 3:50) calls out Generation-Y, anyone born in the mid 80’s and beyond (which includes myself), saying that we as a whole are lazy and expect everything to be handed to us. He says that 20% have it right, but 80% are just going through the motions and don’t have that drive. We are the 20%. We’re able to take the blinders that were put on us off and turn this country around. It’s about being a true entrepreneur. It’s about creating value for society. Let’s work hard and not sit back and wait for things to get handed to us. Let’s be invaluable.

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